Prisoner of War Number 2378 is the true story of R.A.F. Leading Aircraftman Kenneth E. Stroud. He suffered as a P.O.W. for three and a half years in a Japanese prison camp, following the fall of Singapore. His many adventures are chronicled in this riveting account of those years. The book is woven around a diary that Stroud kept in the final days of World War II. As the Japanese forces began to lose their grip on the fortress island of Singapore, freedom was only days away for the thousands of Allied soldiers imprisoned in miserable, filthy camps. The men were starved and beaten, left to the cruelty of their Japanese captors. The Geneva Convention was not honored by the Japanese Commandants, so life was very hard. The honor of King and country were far away. Survival was the only day to day thought. Kenneth E. Stroud persevered, and survived. He married Mary Patricia Stroud and is the father of five children; Susan Stroud, Dominic Stroud, Adrian Stroud, Clare Joaquin (Stroud) and Simon Stroud. Kenneth enjoys a long life, to this day. He is 93 years old and lives in Connecticut.